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1031 Exchanges

There may be ways in which you could "Exchange" your water rights via a 1031 Exchange / Sale and thereby DEFER any capital gains taxes from just an ordinary SALE of your water rights outright for cash. The procedure is called a "1031 Exchange" and must be done using a Certified Exchange Intermediary and we can assist you in this regard.
However, Edwards Water Resources is NOT a Certified Exchange Intermediary or Legal Counsel and both should be used in order to ensure that the 1031 Exchange is consummated in compliance with Texas and United States / Federal Income Tax Laws. But we can help get you the Best Price for your water and then coordinate the sale of your water through a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange with the proper assistance. Of course, all decisions in the final say will be yours but we would be glad to assist where and when we can.  

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